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Even in today’s electronic world, the importance of properly expressing yourself in writing is not only critical for academic success, but it is also essential for a lifetime of success. Let Knowledgepoints help you to help your child.

Florida’s new English Language (ELA) standards emphasize the importance of good writing skills especially as they relate to writing in response to text. Students must demonstrate their command of subject content by writing extended responses rather than just listing the answer. Reading has now become interwined with writing, and writing is happening across the curriculum. Writing rigor has increased dramatically at all grade levels, K-12!

The KnowledgePoints Writing Program meets the needs of today’s students. We have increased the focus on response writing to nonfiction reading passages, but kept the individualized approach to writing instruction to meet the needs of each student and the goals of the family.

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KnowlegePoints Writing Program features

  • Individualized Instruction
  • A systematic approach to the writing process
  • Critiques that encourage quality writing
  • College readiness
  • Job market readiness
  • Caring/trained/motivating instructors
  • Confidence building
  • Building relationships and fostering communication with students, parents and teachers

The content of the writing program includes:

  • The Writing Process
  • The Forms of Writing
  • Grammar
  • Text-Based Response Writing
  • Vocabulary
  • Graphic Organizers