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When making a decision about tutoring…the choice is yours.

There is no question that investing in your child’s future is important. We know that as a parent, finding the right tutoring program is a big part of ensuring your child’s success in school and in life. At KnowledgePoints®, our value goes far beyond the instruction that your child will receive in our program. When evaluating a tutoring program for your child, use these questions to help you find the program that is going to fit with your child’s individual learning needs.

I want to help my child, but I have several financial obligations right now. What costs can I expect? 2015-12-14T18:16:25+00:00

At KnowledgePoints, we have a commitment to affordability. With no contracts or enrollment fees, reasonable rates and a guarantee of success*, KnowledgePoints provides the best value possible to parents and students. Our goal is maximum growth in minimum time. Ask your local center about costs and payment options. *Some restrictions apply

Will the tutoring at your center equip my child for success at school? 2017-07-19T00:51:35+00:00

KnowledgePoints is dedicated to forming a positive relationship with your child’s teacher and school. We provide regular updates to classroom teachers on your child’s progress as they work toward achieving their academic goals. Our program strengthens your child’s basic academic skills which increases confidence and ensures greater success in school.

My child is no longer interested in school. How does your program help? 2015-12-14T18:15:42+00:00

All KnowledgePoints Learning Centers offer a positive learning environment that includes verbal praise and reinforcement as well as tangible rewards. Through our unique motivational system, your child is consistently rewarded for hard work, effort and completion of each activity.

How will I know if my child is making progress? 2017-07-19T00:51:35+00:00

At KnowledgePoints, parent conferences are held after every 10-15 hours of instruction and we retest your child every 40 hours to determine how much growth has been achieved. By providing updates on student progress, we build partnerships with parents and help you ensure your child’s success.

What success rate have other students in your program experienced? 2017-07-19T00:51:35+00:00

An independent study of KnowledgePoints® results nationwide revealed that students enrolled in our program typically see more than one year of progress in just 40 lessons. Ask your local KnowledgePoints center for more information on this study.

How do the instructors interact with my child? Will they get personal attention? 2017-07-19T00:51:35+00:00

The student-to-tutor ratio never exceeds 3-to-1 at a KnowledgePoints Learning Center. Your child will personally interact with their tutor at all times in order to maximize their success in the program.

What are the qualifications of your staff? 2015-12-29T07:23:04+00:00

At KnowledgePoints, our Center Directors participate in an intense three part training program before they are certified by KnowledgePoints.

What type of curriculum is used for tutoring? 2015-12-14T18:13:50+00:00

The materials used in the KnowledgePoints program come from America’s most respected publishers, such as McGraw-Hill and Harcourt Brace. Choosing from a library with more than 20,000 lessons, we are able to design an individualized tutoring program for your child. Lessons start at the level where children have tested and help them master each skill area as they work toward achieving their goals.

Will my child have an individualized program that is tailored to meet his/her needs? 2015-12-14T18:13:33+00:00

Based on the results of the Diagnostic Assessment, we custom build a tutoring program specifically for your child’s needs – it’s a unique “prescription” written just for your child. Students are monitored on a daily basis and changes are made to their individualized plan as needed.

How will you know the needs of my child? 2015-12-14T18:13:06+00:00

The KnowledgePoints program begins with a complete Diagnostic Assessment to pinpoint your child’s specific needs. This battery of tests is administered individually and measures achievement level and mastery of specific skills in areas such as vocabulary, comprehension, math computation and concepts. Our assessment provides a clear picture of your child’s strengths and weaknesses.