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You want your child to succeed in school, which is why you’re looking at a quality tutoring program like KnowledgePoints Learning Centers.

We believe that partnering with parents and classroom teachers facilitates better learning for our students. In that spirit, we are providing some valuable additional resources for you.

When Making a Decision About Tutoring…the Choice is Yours

This is an informative list of questions to ask when choosing a tutoring service for your child.

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Time Management: Planning for Success

This article provides eight key time management strategies you can use at home to ensure your child is managing time for success.

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Seven Steps to Homework Success

This article provides ways to help your child get the most from homework – and maybe even enjoy it.

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Seven Steps to Home Success Checklist

Strategies and tips for you and your child to use at home.

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Building Basic Skills for Success in Algebra

Information on ways to help ensure your child’s success in higher level math.

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Summer Learning Loss: Action Steps to Get Ahead

Information on how to prevent summer learning loss becoming a reality for your child.

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Five Action Steps for Summer Learning

Steps that parents can use at home to combat summer learning loss.

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